Today’s games glance with great graphics and high end special effects but often lack a good story, a nice atmosphere and characters that stay in your memory after you’ve finished the game. Today’s games take lots and lots of money and many people to create them, while old games were often produced by a handful of people in their spare time. Still it seems that those old games with this old look often had a higher quality then the games we have today. Maybe no surprise in times of game consoles where game companies try to get even grandpa and grandma hooked up on the Nintendo Wii.

Games like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones or Space Quest are still being played and loved by many although they are quite old. They look and sound old and they wont run without an emulator but they are worth playing(still).

Thanks to many websites you still can get all those good old games but even with Google the search can be quite hard sometimes.

I hope this site may help.

Happy playing