Is one of my favourites and one of the best sites when it comes to old games.
They have a huge list of more then 1000 games and most of them are downloadable.
You also get a detailed review to every game and often extras like Box Scans, Manuals, hints and walkthroughs.
Most games are for Dos but some are also available as Amiga and/or C64 version
Abandonia has a Forum and a community you can join.
Games have two ratings. One by Abandonia and one by the Users.
If you pick a Game you can get info about the Producer, Publisher, Release Year, Size and Compability. You also see some screenshots, the Review and sometimes technical notes.
A very cool thing is that you can listen to the game music from, some of the games there
Language is English.

Home of the Underdogs
was probably the biggest resource with games and even game books until it died.
Luckily it’s back and it’s still good! Games are being re-uploaded there and I think the game books will come back too with time! Like Abandonia it has reviews and a Forum that you can join.
When you pick a game you get info about the Genre, Subgenre, Developer, Publisher, Copyright and Release Year. You see two(a bit small for my taste) screenshots and a review.
It seems not too many games are available for download yet but I guess that will change with time as well.
Still a very good site when it comes to old games
Language is English

Dj Old Games
Another Site with a huge amount of downloadable games.
If you pick a game you get info about the release year, Developer, Publisher, Category, Genre and Platform.
You don’t really get a review but a general game description. Screenshots come in a little Gallery which is nice.
You can get manuals, Box scans/CD covers and you can watch a video of the game play(does not apply for every game)
A special thing on this site is that some games come in a preinstalled version. You simply install them on your computer and you can play right away, without messing with Dosbox first.
There is not really a forum but a discussion board.
Languages are English and Slovak

ISO Art – Lost in Cyberspace
a very great site where you can find full Iso files.
That is very practical if you search for an older game that came on CD-Rom.
Many sites only offer a ripped or a disk version of CD-Rom games, here is your chance to get the full game!
You can get more then 200 ISOs in alphabetical order
There is also a Forum that you can join.
Language is English

The House of Games
Is a smaller, but still very nice site.
If you pick a game you get info about the Name, developer, publisher, type, year and platform.
On this site you can find games for many platforms besides PC.
(Apple, Nintendo, C64, Sega and more. Does not apply for every game)
You get a good review with a rating and a few screenshots
Language is English